Our Fees

We follow very transparent and reasonable fees structure. We also offer flexible payment terms for all our professional fees exceeding £1000.00. While we operate on the basis of fixed fees on most of the cases; where the instructions are taken on the term other than fixed fees; the client is fully made aware the manner the fees will be charged and the likely total cost to the client towards our professional fees.

The firm will not refund any fees even if the instructions are withdrawn. The fees are determined per assignment or instructions. Complete agreed fees are payable even if the decision arising out of the instructions are unsuccessful. All the fees stated below are fees payable to IEC SERVICES for our professional service.

Fees payable to Home Office / Court / Barrister / Counsel or any other authorities in connection with the clients instructions do not form part of our professional fees and they are considered as reimbursement and would be payable separately by the client.